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Help and FAQ

Can I get a token the same size as a quarter?
We do not make a token the same size as any U.S. coin. A quarter is .955" in diameter. We offer tokens in .900" & .984" both of which are close to the diameter of a quarter. Check with your mechanism/game provider to determine which size token is best.

I want a custom token. How long do I have to wait to get the finished product?
We can create your custom token within ten working days from receipt of your deposit and artwork approval.

I want to use tokens, but how do I determine the size I need?
At your request, we will send you a bag of sample tokens, each marked with their respective size, for you to select a size or test in your mechanism.

How much do custom dies cost?
A custom die can cost as little as $195.00, depending on your desired design.

What's the minimum number of tokens that I can order?
You can order as few as 1,000 stock or custom tokens.

Do you ship overseas/internationally?
We ship anywhere in the world.

Do you accept credit cards?
We are glad to accept VISA or Master Card for payment.

Do you sell tokens in different colors?
We do sell plastic tokens that are available in various colors. Metal tokens, however, are available in a "gold" color (brass), copper color (just like a penny), or a silver color (nickel plated).

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